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Clean up CO2 with greenSand!

Together we have cleaned up.. 

       With products: 0.005.520.845 kg CO2

With CO2 certificates: 0.000.389.979 kg CO2 

                  Total: 0.005.910.824 kg CO2


 Those are the CO2 emissions of 706 families       (source Milieu Centraal)

or 42.832.060 km in a car (av. 140g/km)

 ACT Now 

Because less CO2 means less climate change.

greenSand is most enviromental friendly and simple solution to stop climate change before it's to late.

Together we can restore the CO2 balance.

CO2 binding products

Contribute directly to CO2-reduction? With greenSand or greenSand Inside products you can clean up CO2 in and around your own house and help reduce climate change.
Potting soil, garden soil, pavementsand en paving are a few of the products in which greenSand is already beeing used.

CO2 cleanup certificates

The easiest way to compensate your CO2-emissions and reduce climate change.
How it works
  • Buy one or more certificates worth your CO2-emissions
  • We compensate your CO2-emissions by spreading greenSand
  • By natural weathering greenSand cleans up CO2

greenSand Inside Partner

Want to reduce the CO2 footprint of your product or service or help your customers reduce their footprint and together help reduce climate change?
greenSand cleans up CO2 which makes it the perfect added value for your products.
With over 75 applications, from potting soil and paving to dressingsand for sportfields, there is bound to be a opportunity for you!