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Organisational Structure of Olivine Group B.V.

The motivation, mission and aim of the Olivine Group is to restore balance to the CO2 equilibrium which mankind disrupted.

We are carrying this out by causing the weathering of as much olivine as possible in the form of greenSand products. Spreading seven square kilometres per year over the earth would solve the entire CO2 problem. If we work seriously on energy sources other than fossil fuels, then each year less olivine would be needed and perhaps, one day, when the excess CO2 is gone, the Olivine Group will have become redundant.

Although our goal is based on ideals, we have chosen to divide our activities into a non-profit section, the greenSand Foundation, and a for-profit section: the greenSand subsidiaries. We have done this because money can be earned from the subsidiaries, which is a direct motivation for the industry to get involved and to invest.


greenSand Foundation

The greenSand Foundation encourages scientific research, recruits and trains volunteers and ambassadors and sources the funds needed to make the work possible. The greenSand Foundation gives everyone the opportunity to invest and, by doing so, to make an important contribution to our mission's success.

greenSand Stock N.V.

As a shareholder, you are literally investing in Mother Earth. The greenSand Foundation took the initiative of setting up the greenSand Stock NV. This company's sole purpose is to provide a large supply of Olivine, so that the mineral becomes available at a low price to the growing stream of businesses adopting Olivine. Everyone who wants to help has the opportunity to invest in a healthy planet. Investments start from one Euro.


greenSand Home and Garden B.V.

greenSand Home and Garden handles all business for greenSand products for the consumer market. The company spends 20% of its profits on spreading greenSand in the warm tropics and 3% of its turnover on scientific research.


greenSand Civiel B.V.

greenSand Civiel handles all business and products for the professional market. The company spends 20% of its profits on spreading greenSand in the warm tropics and 3% of its turnover on promoting CO2 reduction and scientific research.


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