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For a long time, the planet was so big, and nature so powerful, that the changes we humans introduced could only be seen on a small scale.

Villages grew into cities, forests became farmland. After all, for as long as we have existed, we have made use of what the earth gives us. Industrial developments over the last hundred and fifty years have made it clear that the way  we are treating the planet is bringing about drastic changes. This is why we are seeing a gradual increase in the earth’s temperature.

We have noticed that everything is very sensitive to temperature variation. To us, one degree more or less does not seem to matter very much, but nature reacts to the smallest fluctuation. In  order to prevent these changes from getting out of hand, we need to stop disturbing the natural balance. So as not to disturb this balance in the future, we will need (amongst other things) to stop burning fossil fuels. This means a change in our way of life.

Let us move on to energy sources which don’t cause a temperature increase! Making the transition to a more sustainable world will take time, but we can begin today. It appears that there is a natural cycle which has held the earth’s temperature in balance for centuries: the weathering of rocks. Rock weathering is the natural reaction of the minerals in the rocks with the acidic component in the air, and that acidic component is CO2. Commonly occurring olivine is one of these rocks. Olivine binds CO2 in a natural way. We can speed up the weathering process by milling olivine into a fine powder and moistening it (for example, by sprinkling it into the sea).

We have calculated that if we sprinkled just over one tenth of a millimetre (0.12mm) of olivine powder all over the earth’s surface, this would offset the CO2 output for the whole world. What’s more, it is also a very inexpensive solution. So really, why wouldn’t we do this?


'We can’t leave Mother Earth to her fate, and that no longer has to happen. We can start reducing our CO2 emissions today and offset the remainder with olivine, the most natural CO2 binder there is’

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