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By buying a greenSand CO2 certificate, you offset a part of your contribution to the greenhouse effect and air pollution.

From € 5.00, you can become the recipient of a numbered certificate which states that you contributed towards sprinkling olivine out over the earth's surface, meaning that CO2 will be bound into rocks.

Certificate prices

We maintain the price of our certificates for the international market, with a minimum price of 5 euros to cover our costs. This price is set using 

Do your bit towards binding CO2

Everyone uses fossil fuels, be it working, browsing, in the bath or on your travels. By doing so, you are causing CO2 emissions, and these end up in the atmosphere. With greenSand, for a small sum you can offset the greenhouses gases emitted - just buy one of our greenSand certificates. With the money we receive from these certificates, olivine is sprinkled out all around the world.

With a 5 euro greenSand certificate you reduce CO2 in the air by 250 kg.

greenSand certificate

Your support is recorded in the form of a numbered certificate. This certificate is your guarantee that olivine will be sprinkled.

You will be kept up to date about greenSand olivine with our newsletter, which states where we sprinkle the mineral. On top of this, on the greenSand map  you can see how green your house has become just by buying your certificate: see our greenSand Netwerk page.

greenSand certificates are exchangeable and can therefore be passed on to friends, family and aquaintances.


As well as being able to purchase certificates as an individual, greenSand also offers businesses the opportunity to use this way of contributing to a sustainable climate. In that case, the greenSand Network page will show green shading in the area where the business is based. If you would like to know more about our opportunities for businesses, please contact us.

So far, we have bound...

230,913 tonnes of CO2


In the Netherlands, an average family has 8.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions in one year.
Bron: Milieu Centraal

Emissions per head for the global population are 4.49 tonnes CO2 per year.

Tip: greenSand certificates also make great presents!

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